My journey to optimal health happened because my health was compromised. Certain foods from the typical American diet were affecting me initially with digestion issues and then eventually with long term inflammation issues.  I took dairy out of my diet in my early 30’s.  That seemed like a huge sacrifice because at the time there weren’t any substitutions on the market.  So, I just went without. But, physically, I felt so much better.

Then in my early 40’s I discovered I was gluten intolerant.  My symptoms included lots of digestive problems but I also had a foggy brain, lots of fatigue and I went into early menopause.  This time when confronted with taking out another major food group out of my diet I became proactive.  I attended the Living Light Culinary Institute in Fort Bragg, California and received a certification as a Whole Food Chef and a certification as a Whole Food Nutrition Educator.  The recipes I learned saved me!  I’m a natural foodie so healthy, tasty and nutritious food were back in my life again.  I no longer had to live off of salads and baked potatoes!  I had pizza, burrito wraps, tabouli, and incredible desserts.  All gluten and dairy free.  Because it was difficult to find simple recipes at this time, I created my own recipe book for the novice.  It’s called Go Raw – Recipes To Get You Started!  And I am making that ebook available for free right here on my website.

My journey for great food was only one part of my journey to optimal health! The other was supplementation.  I know I needed supplements to undue the damage gluten and inflammation had been doing to my body for 30 plus years! That’s when Liv International came into my life.  As things tend to do when your heart is open to receiving.  Liv and its owner Jeff Tuttle, turned out to be a life changer for me.  The products I’ve been taking from Liv since 2008 have “clinically” brought me back to optimal health.  Here are some of the ways they have done that.

Digestion:  When you research the damage from gluten (for some people) you’ll discover it can take 1-3 years to rebuild your gut’s flora and fix a potential leaky gut.  Before Liv’s E-3 Enzyme product, Crave and Green2O – I was doing it all through food.  These products enhanced my recovery much quicker then the years it can take.

Hormones:  Yes, hormones can be affected by inflammation, leaky gut and gluten intolerance.  So, I’ve been on a quest to regulate them over the last 10 years.  As a woman we can just tell when something doesn’t feel right. Our energy suffers, we can’t build lean muscle tissue like we used to and our sleep patterns suffer.  Liv’s Ultimate Edge for WomenGreen2O, and SereZen have all helped me reverse the issues of pre-mature aging I experienced in my 40’s.  So, now in my 50’s I want to feel good, have the energy to do what I want and live a life of purpose.

Energy:  Let’s face it.  No one has perfect energy days, day after day.  In the fast paced world we all live in, it’s usually the one thing most people will say they would like to enhance.  What you eat is a huge factor for energy production. Feeding your body for energy and life is soooo much different then feeding your tastebuds at the expense of your health. So, I rely on CraveGreen2O and E-3 Enzyme to help correct my little food indiscretions, but also to keep my energy consistent
throughout the day.

Eating well and with intention, supplementing for optimal health and disease prevention and embracing a mindset of purpose and gratitude has become a new way of life for me.  One I love to share with others.

I’ve created this website as a way to reach out to you!   I hope you find something here that resonates and helps you on your journey to optimal health.