too much sugar6 Places Sugar May Be Hiding In Your Diet!
If you’re sticking to your new year’s resolutions – you may or may not be seeing results – and the following selection of foods may be the reason why! Even with our best efforts – if we are not diligent label readers, the food industry will trick us with health labels – and sneak in their sugar!!!

Here’s the list of foods to revisit for sugar content:
Tomato & BBQ sauces – you’re better off making your own
Salad Dressing – you often get sugar instead of healthy oils
Packaged Nutrition Bars – Low fat is usually an indication there will be plenty of sugar
Cereals – Even “healthy” brands have tons of sugar.
Granola & Trail Mix – Try making your own
Frozen Entrees – Again low fat may mean lots of sugar

Joline’s Quick Guilt FREE Sugar Fix – Fruit! Right now grapefruits, oranges and tangerines are in season!! Add an avocado for good fat and the added bonus of feeling full!!