AvocadoWhen people start a new lifestyle or look to enhance the healthy life they are enjoying, they may have some misinformation about certain foods.  Avocados tend to get a bad rap because of the amount of fat they have.  But, the good news is, the fat avocados offer is considered a healthy fat – called monounsaturated fat!  The next thing people worry about is the amount of calories in an avocado – 400 total calories for a medium size Avocado.  I see this as a good thing.  When you’re adding more fruits and vegetables to your lifestyle, the biggest complaint this that they never feel full.  I coach people to add in the healthy fats – and this is where avocado’s can make a big difference to your feeling of fullness and satisfaction.
I am one of those whole food educators who believe that avocados have it all!  High nutritional value, dense calories full of brain friendly fat!  The thing I love about Avocados are there versatility.  It’s not just for guacamole!  One of the best ways to alklaine your body is to add avocados to your meals – here’s a few recipes you can make in under 10 minutes –


Tomatoes, chopped
Cucumbers, chopped
Avocado, scooped out of the shell and then cubed.
Toss and enjoy!!!

Orange, peeled and sliced
Kiwi, skin removed and chopped
Avocado, scooped out of the shell and then cubed
Sprinkle with a little salt
Toss and enjoy!!!