Veggie Burger

I don’t do a lot edamameof shopping in the Frozen Food section – but March is the time to poke around these aisles.  I love a good deal just like everyone!  And with March as national freezer month, it’s worth checking things out.  And I was pleasantly surprised at some of the NEW products I found in the freezer section – and on sale!!!  PictSweet has come out with a line of flavored Edamame and they are delicious!  I brought them for a side dish to a friends house.  Her husband had never had edamame before and loved them.  Hilary’s Veggie Burger is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free and a more.  In 3 different flavors they are absolutely delicious and my new go-to when I’m grilling for the rest of the family and I want vegan food.

Additional freezer deals you should stock up on are frozen fruits for your smoothies and homemade ice creams.  I also found frozen veggies for 88 cents a bag.  Fabulous!!!  The surprise find in that section was the frozen chopped onion.  We used to do this in cooking class to prevent the “crying” that comes from chopping in front of an audience.  Excellent choice for stir-fry.

And here’s a fun idea for your home freezer.  Make your own juice cubes.  Super easy to make and then easy to use.   Just pop 6-8 in a blender with water and blend until smooth.  The juice is flavorful and frothy.  Recipe is simple – Use 2 sticks of either Green20 or Liv Sxinney in 32 ounces of water.  Then chop up fruits and veggies – I use carrots and peppers.  Freeze overnight and then pop the cubes in a freezer zip lock bag.


IMG_7639                                                                                           You can find Green20 and Liv Sxinney at  And as an added FREE bonus, when you purchase a SXinney Life kit, you will receive an email campaign with SXinney Life recipes and lifestyle tips.