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The SXinney Life Lifestyle Store

storefrontYour one-stop-shop to get all the products and informational guides to assist you on your new lifestyle path.  There is even a 20% discount code for you to use once you make your purchases. Click here to visit our store.



Want to Give the Products a Try?

sample-products-home-pageWe have several sample packs for you to choose from based on your personal health needs. We have assembled many different sample configurations so you can feel free to try each combination of products. Go ahead, check them out and order a sample or two today to get started on your SXinney Lifestyle!


The SXinney Life Lifestyle

sxinney-life-lifestyleLifestyle is more than just diet and exercise, it is the way you think about yourself, your environment, and the people around you. The SXinney Life represents health, vitality, happiness, and mindfulness about your body and what you put in it. Discover the SXinney Life Lifestyle and how making simple and easy changes to they way you eat, drink, move, and think will help you create a life rich in the good things of this earth.


8 Tips to Increase Your Acid-Alkaline Balance

alkaline-saladOne of the most effective changes I made in my lifestyle was focusing on my acid-alkaline balance. I did this through the choices I made with food and drink. And, there were also lifestyle improvements I made. Alkalizing the body is the most IMPORTANT factor in losing unwanted weight and reestablishing health in your body. Download my 8 Tips to Increase Your Acid-Alkaline Balance today so you can begin your journey to living the SXinney life.