banner-3-new-logoOh my gosh!  I’m so excited to begin sharing ideas, tips and product information with all my friends who want to live the SXinney Life.  The posts you’ll see in this section will enhance the “coaching” emails you’ll receive when you purchase a SXinney Life Kit from this website.  Additionally, I’ll be sharing loads of fun information and testimonials about the Liv products.  These products have been in my life for 8 years.  I’ve seen them work wonders for friends and clients.  And, there are always questions about how to implement them into your life.  I’ll also share additional recipes in this section of the website.  My recipes will always be gluten free, full of flavor and fresh ingredients.  Living the  means you’re finally putting nutrition, supplementation and connecting your thoughts towards success!  And success does not mean you have to be a size 4!  It means you look at yourself and are truly happy with the person looking back at you.  When we eat for health, when we fill our cells with incredible nutrients and we connect our mind to our body – we are unstoppable!!!