stressed out2016 is breaking records for searches about travel anxiety, separation anxiety, anxiety at work, anxiety at school and anxiety at home.  (according to the NY Times).  Stress is a part of so many people’s lives.  And it can have extremely negative affects on your health.  As a woman, we get an additional negative affect from stress because it can really mess with our hormones.  And if your trying to lose weight – well forget about it!

There are two hormones that are especially affected by stress.  Cortisol is released into the body whenever we experience a “stress event”.  It is a great hormone when we need to run away or fight – but that isn’t the reality of our modern world.  We simply don’t burn off cortisol.  So, it sticks around and becomes a layer around our bellies – this is why it’s so difficult to lose weight when you are constantly dealing with stress.  Then there’s the effect stress has on our seretonin levels.  This very important “feel good” hormone is necessary for us to feel good about the world and a lack of seretonin can lead to depression and anxiety.  Tied very closely to the foods you eat and the amount of sleep you get, seretonin is often compromised in our stress filled lives.

This is why I’m such a huge fan of Liv’s SereZen spray.  The adaptogenic herbs inside this formula help combat stress and help us “adapt”.  Consider one of the most important ingredients – Ashwagandha – and how effective it is.

  • Ashwagandha herb is capable of eliminating Leucorrhea, which arises due to hormonal imbalance in women as well as a variety of other causes.
  • It also helps reduce anxiety and irritability, thereby calming the nervous system. It is a constant source of energy and rejuvenates women.
  • The production of the stress hormone Cortisol can be controlled by regular intake of this herb in many forms.
  • Extracts of this herb can relieve pain and secretion in women due to vaginal infection, which may result from various causes.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties which cures uterine infections and inflammations in a natural way.
  • It can help improve libido in women to a great extent, just like in men. This herb is a known aphrodisiac which improves sexual endurance.
  • The herb also addresses depression, irritability and abnormalities in mood caused by Menopause.

The administration of SereZen is super simple.  You simply spray it under your tongue three to five times a day.  More when you are immersed in a stressful situation.   The feedback I have received as a health coach from clients has been phenomenal.   Hot flashes diminished, better sleep, support in maintaining a weight loss program are just a few of the comments I have received.

SereZen can be purchased through this link:

Use my Promo Code:  LIVNOW for a 20% discount.  If you are already a Liv member – then call customer service at 877-449-9666 and order for yourself.  Offered in Wintergreen or Cinnamon flavors.