holiday buffetYes, the holidays are here.  I’ve got two parties on the calendar coming up!   And, I’m excited about the treats and foods that will be there.  We’ve all heard about the “5 -15 pounds” people gain over the Holidays and read or heard much advice about how to prevent this.  The one piece of advice I’ve always hated is to EAT BEFORE you go to a party so you won’t overindulge.    The reason I don’t like this advice is two-fold.  First, what if it’s my party people are coming to, and I’ve worked for days to create food for my guests, and no one eats it!  Ugh, I can’t think of a bigger slap in the face to your hostess.  The second reason I dislike this advice is that it suggests you have no willpower.   Really, are you the type of person who just clears a place for yourself right at the buffet table?  Grant it, those little pigs in the blanket might be hard to resist, but it’s not the party food that’s going to bring on the extra weight.  It’s the snacking, extra sweets and extra empty calories that find it’s way into your diet during this time of year.  So, I recommend a FULL HOLIDAY strategy to REDUCE your chances for gaining extra holiday weight.

  1.  Don’t buy candy for your house or your office.  The little handfuls throughout the day add up in calories and will mess with your blood sugar levels.  Making you more tired and susceptible to mood swings and breaks down your immune system.
  2. Take Crave after every sugary snack you do indulge in.  Crave has 2 different fibers which will lower the glycemic value of anything you have consumed.  This is super important for managing blood sugar levels and your body’s natural instinct to  store fat.
  3.  Have a smoothie ready in the fridge for those times you have a little hunger and need to make it to the next meal.  The right kind of smoothie won’t have more then 200 calories and will be easily digestible.  I recommend a scoop of Liv Pro15, handful of spinach, frozen berries, a squirt of Flax seed oil.
  4. For those who really struggle with extra sugar cravings I highly recommend the SXinney Mist!  Spray if after every meal and snack.  You’ll discover you won’t desire sugar as much and the adaptogenic herbs in Sxinney Mist will start to help you feel more in control.