Don’t know what to eat to lose weight?

Don’t know which exercises will give you the best results?

Stop Guessing!



I am Jordan Wondergem and I am here to help you.

I have been a very active child since I was in the womb, I can remember my mom telling me stories of how I would tumble around inside of her, always kicking and causing chaos. I don’t think the chaos stopped once I was born. My parents put me in gymnastics at a young age, but that didn’t last very long. It just didn’t keep my attentions and I was always yelled at for goofing off.

At age 11, I was introduced to competitive soccer. Now this is a world I fit into well, and I was very good at it! My team travelled around the US for tournaments and we won multiple state championships in the process. Soccer was my life until I graduated high school and had the option of playing at a collegiate level. But, that was not the route I wanted to take for my life. Instead I threw myself into the gym and started to lift weights. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning, like most people. But I was determined to learn and I still continue to learn more and more every day.

I can remember always struggling with my weight during this process. Even when I was playing soccer I was always just a little bit heavier than most of the other girls. I tried all kinds of diets to lose weight, but none of them stood the test of time. I would eventually fall off and stop “dieting” and gain all the weight back.

When I discovered about Flexible Dieting and Counting Macros, my whole outlook changed. All of the sudden it made sense, and I was no longer limited to certain “diet foods”. My fat loss had finally stuck and I have not gained any of it back. I am able to eat foods I LOVE and lose weight. I know other women struggle with their weight and they too will try every new diet that comes out, but eventually the desire that started the journey ends and the weight comes back. My purpose is to educate women, like myself, on the beauty of flexible dieting and how you can love what you eat while losing weight. This is truly a lifestyle change that will have success and longevity. Once you figure out how to count your macros, you won’t ever want to change. I promise you that.

In 2016, after working hard in the gym and on my food intake,  I was named Overall Winner of the 2016 Alaska Midnight Sun fitness competition.

Currently, I am certified through NASM (a personal trainer certification) and have several years of experience with flexible dieting, counting macros, and coaching clients. I am an NPC Bikini Athlete. I compete in fitness competitions all over the United States. I love my active and healthy lifestyle and I want to encourage as many people as possible to embrace their unlocked potential.


The confidence boost you can gain from finally losing that unwanted weight is liberating.
I want everyone to experience it.
My goal is to help you reach your full potential.


What I love about the results you get from the Liv Genetics test is you learn what micronutrients you need to consume for your ideal results. You’ll also find out if you have a sensitivity to fat or carbohydrates. This information will be vital to a lifetime of success with your weight.
Within a few weeks of taking the Liv Genetics test you’ll receive your life changing results!
You will discover the power of a personalized lifestyle focused on health.
And you may need someone to help you formulate a plan.



Together we will find success.

Since working with my mother, Joline, I have come to understand that Liv’s Genetic testing might be the most important information anyone can receive about their body’s needs.

Over the last few months through my own fitness goals, I have developed a program that has successfully helped many people shed weight and build strength.

My program will guide you through interpreting your Liv Genetics test results and then we’ll work together to develop the most important steps for your success. This is an online program and available to everyone:

  • Customized Macro Plan – Assist in meal planning following your personalized macro-nutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fats) numbers
  • Introduction to Flexible Dieting and Macro Counting
  • Fitness Plan designed for your success
  • 24/7 Access to me for questions, concerns, and accountability
  • Weekly check-ins to assess progress and adjust nutrition and fitness plans accordingly

All this for only $75/month!