I’ve always thought starting out the new year with a resolution to change fitness and food habits was a bit counterproductive.  Most people are still trying to get back to a “normal life” after the craziness of the holidays.  And if you live in a state where it’s really winter, it just is not appealing to get out of your comfy warm bed and into a cold car for a work-out at the gym.   Additionally, adding in more salads, and fresh produce is made difficult because the selection at the super market is limited.

But, the end of February is the PERFECT time of year to embrace change!!!  Here are 4 big reasons why:

  1.  There aren’t any huge holidays coming up that are centered around food.  Yes, Easter is in April – but you have 6 weeks to create some terrific food habits.   By then, you will have renewed your commitment to weight release and feel empowered to pass on the Easter goodies.
  2.   The grocery stores are finally getting in some terrific produce!  Asparagus is in season.  Here come the strawberries!  And suddenly we start to notice a variety to our greens – like arugula and dandelion greens.  These bitter greens are perfect for cleansing out the gunk in your digestive tract.
  3.   There are signs that Spring will come – like longer days.  You mentally start thinking differently when there is more daylight.   With more sunshine in your days you can do more outside.  Add outdoor exercises to your weekend calendars.   Now is the time to take your body into movement.
  4.   We’re moving out of our natural hibernation state and seek out friends and family.  Becoming more social empowers us to want to look and feel our best.  It has been clinically proven that people who have strong social circles have better health.

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